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"The heart knows things
the mind cannot comprehend."


Haka Healing Movement

Fr. 31, März 2024 | Deutschland

Berühre deine Seele, stärke deinen Geist und entfache deine Emotionen.

"The heart knows things
the mind cannot comprehend."

Sascha Profil

Welcome to the newly developed dance revolution that makes your heart beat faster, touches your soul, and sets your emotions dancing.

Immerse yourself and experience the powerful transformation as Sascha Tetzlaff turns negative emotions into positive energy through ecstatic music, moving spaces, and intuitively guided vocal performances.

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What are Heart Healing Movement?

The Heart Healing Movement is no ordinary dance revolution. In Heart Healing Movement sessions, you'll experience the connection of:


  • Elemental, expressive Haka frequencies

  • Intuitively guided spoken performances in the moment

  • Healing sequences of ecstatic music


This unique fusion allows you to dive into a state of strength and stability. With the Heart Healing Movement, a space is created for personal growth, inner strength, and self-love.


Let yourself be carried away by the inspiring Heart Healing Movement of Sascha Tetzlaff, the visionary founder, and discover the wonderful path to self-acceptance and unfolding your inner greatness.


Feel how you can naturally embrace yourself just as you are.

elementary, expressive haka frequencies
intuitively accompanied speech performance from the moment
healing sequences of ecstatic music

Immerse yourself in five captivating phases that will deeply touch and take you in our three-hour dance sessions:

Are you ready to embark on this immersive journey of transformation?

Phase 1:
Feel the Silence

Find peace and introspection to prepare for the upcoming process. Acknowledge your thoughts and emotions and align yourself with profound experiences.

Phase 2:
Ecstatic Dance

Let yourself be carried away by the music and rhythm. Move freely, express your emotions through dance, and allow your body to unfold naturally. Connect with your inner essence and express it through movement.

Phase 3:
Meditative Calm

Enter a phase of meditative calm after the intense dance. Find tranquility, relax your body, and focus your senses. Through conscious breathing and mindfulness exercises, immerse yourself in a state of inner stillness and experience deep relaxation.

Phase 4:
Emotional Expressive Dance

Connect with your deepest emotions and liberate them through conscious expressive dance. Release painful experiences, fears, and blockages, creating space for positive transformation and healing. Connect with your inner core and experience yourself in wholeness.

Phase 5:
Absolute Stillness

After the emotional expressive dance, a phase of absolute stillness emerges. All movements return to calm and silence. Use this moment to feel and integrate the aftereffects of the previous process.

Let the gained clarity and transformation work within you, listen deeply to yourself, and experience peace and inner connectedness. This space fosters profound insights and healing.


Ready to embark on this captivating journey of transformation?


Heart Healing Movement

Fr. 31, März 2024 | Schweiz

Your Benefits

Through regular participation, you can experience sustainable change in your life. You will learn to better connect with your emotions, reduce stress, improve your physical health, and develop a deeper understanding of yourself.

About Sascha Tetzlaff

Founder of Heart Healing Movement, is an inspiring trailblazer of personal transformation. Through painful experiences, he learned to accept himself and unravel the veil of his own perceptions. During his time in New Zealand, he was deeply moved by the powerful energy of the indigenous Maori's Haka dance and found a connection that few people experience.


Another transformative experience was his time in the majestic Himalayan mountains of India, where he was accompanied by a wise scholar who taught him devotion to life and belief in one's own greatness.


Now, it is Sascha Tetzlaff's heartfelt wish to impart his gained wisdom of life in a natural and accessible way to support people in unconditionally accepting themselves just as they are. With the Heart Healing Movement, he creates a space for personal growth, inner strength, and self-love.


Here you can find an overview of his upcoming events near you:


Heart Healing Movement

Fr. 31, März 2024 | Schweiz

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