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EmbodyMind Coaching for you as a woman is...

... just the right thing if you want to free yourself from energy-sapping dependencies and emotional physical tormentors.

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" He always lured us out of our comfort zone - you can't hide with him, but I can only recommend the course to anyone who wants to continue to grow and really deal with themselves!"

"An intense experience. It helped me a lot to feel loving presence and facilitated the path of healing. My view of life becomes wider, freer and more true heart rate. Thank you for being able to be like this and to show myself, with my anger and sadness."

It is not always easy to put your own feelings in order and to understand how and why they arose. Setting boundaries, establishing the essence of feminine power and acting accordingly.


When are you right with me?

If you have the feeling that something is changing in your private or professional life but you don't yet know where to go.


Maybe you already know what the goal of the change is, but you are not acting on it yet and you are afraid to make decisions and put the change into action.


Maybe you don't recognize yourself because you already have your goal in mind, but you stand paralyzed or frozen in front of the mountain and feel unable to act.


Introductory talk:

for free

(15 minutes)

coaching talk: 


(90 minutes)

Introductory talk, 15 minutes: free of charge

Coaching talk, 90 minutes: EUR 120.00

Five essential qualities:

In essence, it is about five essential qualities that we will look at together.

Image by Hasan Almasi

Bringing your feminine power into being and establishing it.


Image by William Duggan

To promote your stability to be resilient to the challenges of your life.


Image by Johnny McClung

Establish a clear direction.


Image by Nathan Dumlao

Recognizing and expressing your limits.


Image by Jordan Steranka

Cultivate love for yourself.


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