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Empower Yourself Coaching is...

...a powerful, unusual and lively journey to yourself, which enables a fundamental change in elemental power and life energy.

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" He always lured us out of our comfort zone - you can't hide with him, but I can only recommend the course to anyone who wants to continue to grow and really deal with themselves!"

"An intense experience. It helped me a lot to feel loving presence and facilitated the path of healing. My view of life becomes wider, freer and more true heart rate. Thank you for being able to be like this and to show myself, with my anger and sadness."

It is not always easy to put your own feelings in order and to understand how and why they arose.


  • Perhaps you have distanced yourself from your own healthy masculinity through your previous experiences.

  • Your relationships feel empty and incomplete.

  • Trauma affects your life or traumatic  Experiences have a lot of power over you.

  • Every time you feel challenged by your emotions, destructive thoughts and patterns of behavior overwhelm you and you can no longer see solutions.

  • You judge yourself . Shame, guilt and self-judgment keep you from being yourself.

  • Instead of love you feel loneliness . Cut off from others, from harmony and love - isolated and misunderstood.

  • Do you suppress your sexuality and are ashamed of your desires and needs, or are you plagued by fear of failure?


Then you are right with me! I support you to find out why you are the way you are. Together we will find ways to perceive and accept you with your underlying needs and to activate the power in you.


Introductory talk:

for free

(15 minutes)

coaching talk: 


(90 minutes)

Introductory talk, 15 minutes: free of charge

Coaching talk, 90 minutes: EUR 120.00

Four essential qualities:

Basically, we go out of your comfort zone for a new self-image of your masculine power to work out and train four essential qualities .

Image by Mick Haupt

Establishing your masculine power.


Image by Johnny McClung

Promote your inner growth.


Image by Tracy Kolenchuk

to promote your potential.


Image by Hasan Almasi

Establishing love for yourself.


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