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I'm Sascha Tetzlaff.

I'm Sascha and first and foremost a person who hasn't lived up to his full potential for a long time because he was wounded, traumatized and angry.

I'm not selling just any coaching program here, I'll accompany you through my own personal experience in order to be able to walk your story authentically and genuinely for you


And that's exactly why I can accompany you and release you into being fully human. With all its facets.

What makes me special, to accompany you on your way.

... I myself have walked the path on which I accompany you.

... I myself went through the transformation from "would-like-macho" to authentic, sincere man .

... I myself know how difficult it is just to "start" - the YES to change .

... Years ago I was trapped in my own cage - in the "hard male shell".

... Today I can allow, feel and show feelings .

... I myself have completely turned my life as a man upside down - internally and externally - and can finally BE MAN completely.

Born in 1973

Vincent Vuarnoz.jpg

"It was a pleasure to have you here in NZ.

Also to share our country and culture...

as well as the Haka...

the spiritual power within."

" My goal
to bring to life"
to touch emotionally
for your greatest

Growing up in Celle, in the state of Lower Saxony, a loving father to two sons and a daughter, I had my own experiences of separation, pain and powerlessness from an early age. These experiences of life were not put into my cradle by chance and influenced my predominant thoughts, feelings and actions.


The way to myself through encounters with others and above all with myself was the biggest challenge in my life and led me to New Zealand, among other places. Here I had the honor of living with members of the indigenous people and learning about their culture as well as the Haka, the ritual dance of the Maori. Very few people have a particularly close connection to the Haka, the ritual dance of the Maori.


In India, on the other hand, a local scholar accompanied me on my (inner & outer) journey through the high mountains of the Himalayas. Here I got to know the devotion to life and the belief in one's own greatness. I didn't just specialize in it, it came to me, was experienced and lives deep in my heart.

With this power I live my life as a coach. I bundle this overwhelming primal power of the indigenous

culture, of the New Zealand aborigines, and make it accessible to western culture.


These experiences, in combination with various additional training courses with a systemic focus, led me to realize and implement the very individual potential of people through systemic bodywork that I developed.


... with me as my companion, I invite you to an unusually powerful experience and support you in remembering who you can really be.


The focus of my life is not only my work, but above all my three children and my responsibility for the people I love beyond that.

Background and training:

  • Haka Practitioner

  • Training in systemic constellation work with Harald Kriegbaum

  • Training in talk therapy with Klaus Ingbert Wagner

  • Further training as a stress management trainer at terramedus

  • systemic body coaching

  • Further training in biographical work at forum adult education/evangelical educational institution

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